Caucus to Convention 2018

2018 Caucus & Convention Planning


Key Dates:

Wednesday, October 4th: Training Call #1 (Messaging)

Wednesday, October 11th: Training Call #2 (Digital)

Wednesday, October 18th: Training Call #3 (Field)

Wednesday, October 25th: Training Call #4 (Data)

Wednesday, November 1st: Deadline to submit Caucus Google Form and confirm locations

Sat, Jan 13th – Sun, Jan 14th: Statewide Weekend of Action #1

Sat, Jan 27th – Sun, Jan 28th: Statewide Weekend of Action #2

Monday, February 5th: Precinct Caucuses

Saturday, March 24th: County Conventions

Saturday, April 28th: District Conventions

Saturday, June 16th: State Convention


Planning Your County Caucuses & Convention

  1. Set up a time to chat with Blair to walk through your thoughts on number of caucus sites and the size of your county convention.
  2. Begin to reach out to reserve caucus and convention sites. Things to consider include; making sure the site is ADA compliant and has WiFi. Free sites are always encouraged. The caucuses will start at 7pm on February 5th, with registration opening at 6:30pm. The sites will need to be reserved from 5:30pm to 10pm on caucus night.
  3. Fill out the Google form by November 1st to let us know what your confirmed locations are and which precincts will be present at each location, and goal dates for follow up with caucus attendees. Link to Form.
  4. Confirm leaders to run each caucus site and precinct breakout.


Volunteer Roles to Increase Turnout

  1. We will not be having a County Party Conference Call in October. Instead we will be offering four training calls on October 4th, 11th, 18th, and 25th. The calls will focus on messaging around the caucus, field, data, and digital. These calls will be open to anyone who is interested in participating. The goal of these initial calls will be to start the process of finding leaders to help with the build up and follow up from the caucus, as well as getting our counties field ready by June of 2018.
  2. The caucuses can be a great opportunity to party build, but it starts with getting a good turnout. We will be asking county to reach out to 2016 caucus attendees to invite them to attend in 2018. We will be having two Statewide Weekends of Action on January 13-14 and January 27-28 to reach out to past caucus attendees on the phones and doors. Each county will have their choice of reaching out by either phones, doors, or both, as well as their choice of which weekend to participate.


Party Building

  1. We want to make sure we give attendees at the caucus every opportunity to get plugged in. To ensure this we will be asking each county to sign-in all attendees (while asking them to write legibly), make sure that elections for the central committee occur, and have a list of upcoming event(s) visible at the caucuses.
  2. We also want to make sure that everyone who attends the caucus is followed up with. We will be asking each county to put together a goal date of when data will be entered into Votebuilder and when each attendee can expect to receive a thank you call and email.