Women’s Issues – Letter to the Editor – 10/16/2014

Letter to the Editor -10-6-14

This is a Call to Action for anyone passionate about women’s issues in the upcoming election!

Women make up the majority of our population. We do vote! We have the power to use our vote to elect candidates who respect and support women and want to help women gain educational and economic equity.

Inform yourself to determine who supports women’s issues. Don’t rely on hearsay and misinformation or be crippled by fear tactics. Would you vote for candidates who do not support the following issues?

-Raising the minimum wage
-Equal pay for equal work
-Choice in women’s reproductive rights
-Protecting not privatizing Social Security
-Strengthening Medicare
-Affordable health care for all
-Educational opportunities/funding as a pathway out of poverty
-Measures to end violence against women (globally, too)
-Concern for immigrants
-Support for disability issues
-Marriage equality

To be competitive as a state, we need both women and men working as partners to grow Iowa’s economy and help women achieve the American dream so they can live with dignity!

We live in a complex, rapidly changing world. We have made significant progress on women’s rights through hard work over the years. Let’s not let our progress be reversed by the Republican candidates. We can’t go back!! There is too much at stake!

Now is the time to speak up, speak out, and stand tall! Submit letters to area media outlets. Talk to friends, neighbors, relatives and work colleagues who have concerns about the women and girls in their lives. Remind them of what’s at stake! Urge them to vote for democratic candidates who will support economic and educational equity for women! Together, we can do this!

Mary Ann Ahrens
501 Grand Avenue
West Des Moines, IA 50265
515-664-8933 (h)
319-240-5904 (cell)