Marcia Fulton’s Letter to the Editor

In November we have many decisions to make as to whom we trust to lead us into the future. Due to Iowa losing a seat in reapportionment, one of the choices is between two current congressmen. Both are decent men but there are differences I would like you to consider. Are you a military family or value those who serve? Only one of these congressmen ever served his country by wearing the uniform of the American soldier. This congressman not only served, he led and is the most decorated soldier currently serving in Congress. This congressman served two tours in Vietnam as a combat assault helicopter pilot and two tours of duty in Europe with NATO. Not only did he serve, but while serving, he earned TWO Distinguished Flying Crosses, and TWO Bronze Stars, as well as the Soldier’s Medal.

This congressman is not new to Southwest Iowa but has represented our community, including Union County , making him well acquainted with the needs of our rural area. Raised in Ringgold and Decatur counties, he graduated from Lamoni High School and went on to graduate from Graceland College. This congressman will protect our Medicare and Social Security and see that the Middle Class is not the “back” used to protect the rich from paying their fair share of the tax burden. He will stand up for the rights of women, both in the workplace and in decisions concerning their own bodies. He will insure that our returning service men and women get the help they need to re-enter civilian life. Finally, he will support a balanced budget amendment and work to cut wasteful spending.

Right now, he will sign the Farm Bill, and not hold it hostage for political folly. Who is this congressman? LEONARD BOSWELL, a man who has been there, a man who has stood up for family, Southwest Iowa, and the United States of America. Now it is our turn. Please stand up for Leonard and send him back to congress to represent us in the Third Congressional District.

Marcia Healey Fulton
Vice Chair, IDP Third Congressional District
641 782 2490

October 21, 2012