Documents from 2010

2010 Iowa Democratic Party




Central Committee Bylaws

In 2010 the bylaws were split into two documents, one for convention process and the other for central committee operation. Although the reason for this change is not completely apparent from the constitutional amendments offered at the 2010 state convention, they are the result of a controversy about who should establish the rules for the platform committee (a proposal was made to give the convention rules committee the authority to make the rules for the platform report development process). The platform development rules have traditionally been in the bylaws and the platform ratification procedures have traditionally been in the convention rules developed by the convention rules committee, so this proposed change was a radical departure from tradition. The proposed change was tabled at the 2010 state convention for consideration by the state central committee which never took any action on it. This controversy could easily reappear during the 2012 convention cycle.

Constitution Proposals

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